Better sleep, better health and more wealth.


GoSleep is a solution for sleeping issues across the globe. We offer a platform for people with the core to resolve this problem that combines elements of HealthFi, GameFi, and SocialFi.
It's a token-rewarded and social gaming-driven system to encourage users to build up healthier sleep behaviour and participation.
By equipping themselves with a virtual bedroom NFT, users can get involved with the health assistant, social&gaming, and token rewards.


Why Sleep?

Roughly 62% of adults worldwide feel that they don’t sleep well when they go to bed. Sleep problems are constantly being identified but have not yet been resolved by the globe.
Experts have long emphasized that developing good sleeping habits can help to maintain our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Ongoing sleep deprivation can also cause severe, long-term health conditions:
  • Heart disease and heart failure
  • Weak immune system
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
Drowsiness has been a significant factor in roughly 100,000 car accidents yearly, causing an estimated 1,500 deaths. Sleep deficiency has also been linked to many disasters, such as aeroplane and boat accidents and even nuclear reactor meltdowns.
This means it's an unsolved problem that is an opportunity for us to take on.

Sleep Assistant

As a start, we must completely respect science and technology. A professional, data and personal-based solution start the whole journey. We're a team that starts from deeply understanding what's the problem.
The assistant is based on real health data (collected from devices), big data and professional data to support our users' journey. They could easily understand the problem and join their fellows and us together to solve it.

Game and Social

With a strong gaming solution background, we come out with a solution beyond traditional data and time management tooling. Gaming and social nowadays are reasons why people stay, share, and learn.
Users will be in a game to build up their virtual sleeping environment, be rewarded with good sleep, and share to prove their success with each other.
Sleep should be a happy, native, and achievable thing.


By leveraging Web3 technology, we make things easy and possible.
A sleeping bedroom NFT starts the journey that user knows where they belong to and what they own. Surrounding this NFT, we build up extraordinarily varied features and, most importantly, completely user owned.
What users gain from the game, share with people, and enjoy from the past, are completely recognized and owned by the user themselves.
Web3 gives us an opportunity to have our reward system based on real and solid wealth.